Monday, October 3, 2011

Budget Project

Budget Project


  1. Kim,

    I like the inclusion of the comfortable furniture. Good job on the proposal. Looks really well organized.

  2. I love the mitt chairs! They are fantastic! And you want to get 12 of them! The same is true with the puzzle ottoman. You must have had a great time picking these out.

    I really like the fact that the round tables are mobile. Unfortunately they look a little utilitarian. I suppose we have to give up beauty sometimes for better use.

    I very much like the chairs you have chosen. Perhaps because those are exactly the kind that I had in my library -- only they were a deep crimson (maroon).

    Laptop carts aren't cheap, are they?

    I'm glad you started your plan with the highest impact on students. Makes sense.

    You mention the evaluation of the impact of the tables is whether they are used or not. Would the tables be used more simply because they are a different shape than the current tables?

    Similarly with the casual furniture. I know it would be used but would that be enough of a rationale to get an administrator to buy into it?

    I hope you get your money!